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Price / Performance

Goal of Wandy Hookah is to create a high-quality Czech designed shishas for an affordable price.

Customer service

Satisfied customers are always our priority, we will make sure to answer your questions and solve any issues as fast as possible

Claims & Service

We have a clear complaint procedure and fulfill our legal obligations. We have a post-warranty service ready for situations that are not covered by the complaint.

Fast and cheap shipping

Orders are usually shipped within 1 business day. We do not charge a surcharge on shipping prices.

We have been producing hookahs and accessories since 2018. We have used our many years of knowledge to create products that guarantee trouble-free functionality and ease of use. We only use high quality materials for production and add the best of modern hookah functionality and design to our products.

We always try to offer our hookahs and accessories at a favorable price in proportion to the above-standard quality of production and materials used. We are part of the hookah culture and therefore we are very grateful when we meet new hookah lovers.