• As soon as we see your order in the system and check all the data needed to complete the order, we will start removing the products you have chosen for you. For orders via the e-shop, we use the warehouse directly in our showroom to save time when unpacking and then sending the shipment.< /span>

  • According to the ordered items, we will prepare packaging that will ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation. Therefore, particularly fragile items are wrapped in several layers of packaging material. For the packaging of your shipments, we mainly use 3-layer cardboard boxes lined with foam or air cushions, as needed. >

  • The entire cardboard box is sealed with insulating tape so that it cannot open on its own and is then wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap to prevent damage.

  • The last layer is a white stretch film on which we place a carrier label so that the shipment reaches you safely.

  • The last step is to create a label for the carrier on which there is information about the transported package, information about the delivery address and contact information for you, to inform you when you can expect your shipment. After fulfilling all the previous points, the package is handed over to the nearest carrier depot and the package is already on its way to you.

When receiving shipments, please be sure to check the status of the shipment to avoid problems with product claims. If the shipment is damaged already upon delivery, it is necessary to claim the shipment directly to the carrier.