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Wandy Hookah s.r.o.

In 2018, we founded Wandy Hookah s.r.o. in the heart of Europe with a vision to design and manufacture quality hookahs and accessories and shorten the business chain between the factory and the end customer. Currently, in partnership with distribution partners, we sell unique products to more than 10 European countries. Our team of developers work every day on the latest improvements and new designs to bring you maximum enjoyment while using hookahs.

We are the proud owners of over 30 unique designs and technologies in hookahs and accessories. Thanks to the use of top technology, machines and carefully selected materials, we are able to produce first-class products at favorable prices. Our priority is to get as close to our customers as possible, which is why we offer many benefits as part of our service in the form of hookah advice, service for damaged products, e-book with instructions and much more.

We take care of a comprehensive product portfolio, which is why you can find everything you could need from coconut coals, all accessories to designer Wandy Hookah products. Because we are aware of the environmental impact due to the use of similar products, we have established cooperation with the company Refork and got rid of disposable consumer products made of plastic and replaced them with 100% ecological products, and we will continue to try to reduce the negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

As part of our extended services, we have a special offer for hookah entrepreneurs who can configure their own product directly with us and we take care of the entire production process for you.

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Hookah is not just a smoking tool, it is also a work of art! Whether you use a pipe at home or in a business, the pipe always has its own personality that matches your preferences or corporate image. That's why we also offer many different accessories that are necessary for pipes but can enrich the overall appearance of your pipes. That's why we always try to fulfill our clients' needs down to the last detail, and we go where our cooperation with customers makes sense.

Out Team

The Wanda hookah team consists of young and ambitious people with a lot of experience in business, marketing, design, and creative activities, and especially experience in the world of smoking pipes. That's why at Wandy Hookah you can look forward to a professional and friendly approach when dealing with all situations, from purchases to complaints.