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Chaos Mini Divine - Purple

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Wandy Hookah Chaos Mini - Divine (Purple)
Wandy Hookah Chaos Mini - Divine (Purple)
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Wandy Hookah s.r.o.

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Medium size epic resin hookah set, revolutionary technology that allows production of Chaotic hookah body designs. High smoking performance and suitable for traveling. Edition inspired by the Divine totems, available in 5 color variations. More

The Chaos Mini Divine is a long-proven product from the Chaos series by Wandy Hookah. It is very popular among hookah lovers, thanks to its features and favorable price. This hookah was designed in the Czech Republic and is made of first-class materials.

Hookah body is made of high-quality resin depicting totems of mythical civilizations. The base is made of aluminum and all internal parts are made of stainless steel, ensuring smoking quality and long-term durability. Available in five colors that were chosen specifically for this product.

Chaos series are perfectly suited for traveling purposes. A complete hookah can be comfortably stored in the travel bag and there is still space for additional accessories. You can then enjoy it almost anywhere.

The Chaos Mini set includes:

  • Chaos Mini Base
  • Aluminium Hose Connector (1 pc)
  • Chaos Mini Resin Hookah Body (1 pc)
  • Chaos Mini Mouthpiece (1 pc)
  • Plug-in Glass Vase (1 pc)
  • Chaos Mini Plate (1 pc)
  • Wandy Hookah Stainless Steel Tongs (1 pc)
  • Wandy Hookah Black Silicone Hose - 1.5 m (1 pc)
  • Stainless Steel Downstem & Diffusor (1 set)
  • Stainless Steel Spring (1 pc)
  • Chaos Mini Travel Bag


*The hookah body is painted by hand, minor inaccuracies are not a defect.

Height 50
Weight 2150
Vase type Transparent Glass
Vase mounting Plug-in system
Purge system type Exhaust valve (base)
Material Stainless steel, aluminum, resin
Packaging type Travel bag, box
Package dimensions 28 cm x 24 cm 27 cm