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Katana Bowl Phunnel - Gold

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Wandy Hookah s.r.o.

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The Katana Bowl Phunnel is made of genuine ceramic ensuring perfect thermal properties for your tobacco.
It is suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers. More

Katana Bowl Phunnel is one of the original Wandy Hookah products, inspired by Japanese culture, bearing the signs of the classic cultural weapon Katana. The product is designed according to the handle of the weapon, but this is where the appearance ends, because our Katana bowl serves for your best enjoyment of the hookah, thanks to the excellent design of our bowl, which perfectly maintains the temperature of the tobacco and thus provide longer and better smoking experience.

Katana Bowl is made of real ceramics and has surface protection in the form of colorless varnish. This makes it easy to maintain and resist to many adverse effects.

The bowl is perfect for the usage in your business and home. Thanks to the materials used, the bowl is durable and at the same time very easy to maintain. In addition, the bowl has a really great thermal properties, due to which the tobacco will last much longer in your hookah.

Height 10,8
Weight 420
Material Ceramic clay
Packaging type Wooden box
Package dimensions 10.5 x 10.5 x 13.5 cm
Outer diameter 8,4
Inner diameter 6,8