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Katana Mouthpiece Hiroshima - Orange Turquoise

Wandy Hookah Katana Mouthtpiece - Hiroshima (Blue, Brown)
Wandy Hookah Katana Mouthtpiece - Hiroshima (Blue, Brown)
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Mouthpiece Hiroshima is a beautiful decoration of every hookah and thanks to its processing it is also very comfortable in the hand. More

Mouthpiece Hiroshima is one of the original Wandy Hookah products, which will give your pipe a really great look and take the hookah enjoyment to the next level! If you are not comfortable with the classic mouthpiece of some pipe, this product is just right for you!

Hiroshima Mouthpiece is inspired by the beautiful Japanese city, and thus bears the typical signs evoking the beauty of the city. The Hiroshima Mouthpiece is made of premium aluminum and is decorated with a high-quality resin pattern in three different color variants "Wandy Hookah Original". Hiroshima is very comfortable in the hand and its appearance will really attract the attention of your guests.

The mouthpiece is perfect for both your business and home use. The mouthpiece is very pleasant to hold and, thanks to the high-quality workmanship, ensures comfort when smoking a pipe and gives a really beautiful appearance.

Weight 350
Material Aluminum, resin
Packaging type Box with foam filling
Package dimensions 36 cm x 4,5 cm x 8 cm
Length 30,5
Handle width 2,1