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Katana Mouthpiece Kyoto - Sapphire Eye

Wandy Hookah Katana Mouthtpiece - Kyoto (Blue)
Wandy Hookah Katana Mouthtpiece - Kyoto (Blue)
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Mouthpiece Kyoto is a beautiful decoration of every hookah and thanks to its processing it is also very comfortable in the hand. More

The Kyoto Mouthpiece is one of Wandy Hookah's original products that will elevate your hookah experience and give it a stunning visual appeal.

If you're looking for a unique alternative to the classic mouthpiece commonly found on many hookahs, the Kyoto Mouthpiece is the perfect choice for you. This mouthpiece draws inspiration from the beautiful Japanese city, bearing typical symbols that evoke the city's beauty. Made from premium aluminum and adorned with a high-quality resin pattern in six different color variants, the Kyoto Mouthpiece is a Wandy Hookah original.

Unlike traditional hookah mouthpieces, the Kyoto Mouthpiece features a wider handle, providing a comfortable grip that allows you to fully enjoy the smoking experience. Perfect for both personal and business use, this mouthpiece is beautifully crafted and enhances the appearance of any hookah it's used with. Its superior craftsmanship ensures a comfortable and enjoyable smoking experience, while also making a stunning visual statement.

Weight 400
Material Aluminum, resin
Packaging type Box with foam filling
Package dimensions 36 cm x 4,5 cm x 8 cm
Length 32
Handle width 2,9