Spare Vase Universum Pro 2.0

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The Universum Vase is a replacement vase for the Universum 2.0 series of hookahs, made of high-quality cast glass, with a universal neck size, thanks to which it can also be used with other pipes on the market. More

Spare VASE UNIVERSUM is a spare glass vase for the UNIVERSUM edition with a plug-in vase attachment system, and thanks to its universal size, the vase can be used for any hookah with the same vase attachment.

This vase is designed in the Czech Republic and is made of durable glass. It comes in a clear or darkened version.

Height 26,5
Weight 1900
Vase type Plug-in
Material Těžké sklo
Packaging type Cardboard box
Vnější průměr krku 6,1
Vnitřní průměr krku 4,5